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1984Born in Fuxin, China
2006Graduated from Liao Ning School of Art and Craft, Liaoning, China
2015BFA, Sculpture, Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts,Liaoning, China
2018MA, Sculpture, Savannah Collage of Art and Design, Atlanta, GA
CurrentlyLives and works in New York, NY
2022Siyuan Tan & GAMA: Betwixt, Chambers Fine Art, Manhattan, New York
2021Siyuan Tan: Chug, Chug Joint solo exhibition:Part 1, LATITUDE Gallery, Brookyn, New York
Siyuan Tan: Chug, Chug Joint solo exhibition:Part 2, Tutu Gallery, Brookyn, New York
2019Siyuan Tan: Face off, FOU Gallery, Brooklyn, New York
2018Siyuan Tan: How Much I Love You, Trois Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia
2017Siyuan Tan: Touch me, Mason Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia
Siyuan Tan: Star Start, Carre D' Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia
2016Siyuan Tan: The New Land, ACA Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia
2015Siyuan Tan: Sacred Guidance, Gao Di Center of Contemporary Art, Shenyang, China
2021Who’s Dat Panda (NFT Show), ONBD X X Shanghai Gallery (Decentraland) X LATITUDE Gallery, New York
Nero Alert, City of Moses Lake Museum and Art Center, Moses Lake
Metro Montage XXI Annual Juried exhibition, Marietta Cobb Museum, Atlanta
The Ellarslie Open Returns, Trenton Museum, New Jersey,
Stars, Tree museum, Beijing
Artist for: Stop Asian Hate, Yi gallery, New York
2020Beyond Borders: Art in the Post COVID Era, London
Runaway World, Gaotai Gallery, Xinjiang,
The Art of Quarantine, Yi Gallery, New York
Within Global Isolation: Asian Artists in America, New York
Body Building, Indianapolis Art Center, Indianapolis
2019Animal Farm, Gutstein Gallery, Savannah, Georgia, USA
What a Woman, Artosino Gallery, New York, USA
Upbringing, IU Downtown Gallery, Indiana, USA
Wall Power, Beijing Times Art Museum, Beijing, China
2018Sculpture Rules, Imago Gallery, Warren, Massachusetts
FIGURE/GROUND, Gutstein Gallery, Georgia, USA
Kunst im Dialog / Migration,stichting White Cube Global Village, Landshut, Germany
Fold and Unfold, Garcia Wilburn Gallery, Georgia, USA
Similarity, ISGO Gallery, Beijing, China
Luscious Relics, Palazzo Velli EXPO, Rome, Italy
2017Improvisation, Tsinghua University Museum, Beijing,China
Asian Art Atlanta, Galloway School Gallery, Georgia, USA
Off Center, Max Gallery, New York, USA
Point of No Return, Colony Gallery, Georgia,USA
The Third CAFAM Biennale Negotiating Space: I Never Thought You Were Like That, Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum, Beijing, China
20163rd Asian Youth Artists Support Program, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China
20156th New Star Art, Xi’an Museum, Xi’an, China
Undergraduate Group Exhibition, Luxun Academy of Fine Arts Museum, Shenyang, China
Date, Jiu Li Museum, Shenyang, China
20145th New Star Art, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China
Distant Dimensions, M'A - Art Gallery, Aveiro, Portugal
The Art Factory, Jiu Li Museum, Shenyang, China
Unbounded Thinking, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China
Existence, Occupation, Luxun 3D Gallery, Shenyang, China
2013Power and Balance, Luxun 3D Gallery, Shenyang, China
Side, Luxun 3D Gallery, Shenyang, China
2012A Way to Return A Vision, Luxun Academy of Fine Arts Museum, Shenyang, China
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