Wu Didi was born in Chong Qing in 1976. She graduated from the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts High School in 1996, and received her BA degree from Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing. In 2004, she earned her Master’s Degree from CAFA Oil Painting Department. She currently teaches at the Central Academy of Dramatic Art. 

Wu Didi is known for her poetic nature studies in which the absence of context leads to concentration on the specificities of natural forms that are generally overlooked. In this case, her focus is on hanging vines, and the cut up trunk and branches of a tree. She has written of her quest to investigate the nature of plants through actions such as breaking, twisting and bending and wishing to convey their toughness and resilience. In the works we are exhibiting, the sturdy, intertwined vines in one canvas contrast with the fragility of nature that is depicted in sawed apart pieces of wood on the other. Among the wood pieces are spider webs and insects, adding motion to her otherwise static compositions, and once again signifying the resilience of nature.

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