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Mount Fuchun

Yan Shanchun

March 9 – April 28, 2023

West Lake•Fuchun #3

Yan Shanchun 

Fuchun #15, 2019

Acrylic on canvas, mixed media

108 x 86 cm

Chambers Fine Art is pleased to announce the opening of Yan Shanchun: Mount Fuchun on upcoming year March 2023. Born in 1957 in Hangzhou, Yan graduated from the Printmaking Department of the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts (now China Academy of Fine Arts) in 1982, and thus belongs to the generation of artists who were the first to graduate after the academies were closed during the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976).

Yan’s career has followed an unusual path. For a decade after joining the staff of the Shenzhen Fine Arts Institute in 1993, he devoted most of his time to scholarly pursuits, only returning to painting in 2005. Since 2010, however, he has simultaneously explored the imagery of West Lake in Hangzhou and the surrounding locales in paintings and etchings. The current exhibition focuses on his series Fuchun, the name of an area near Hangzhou that was the subject of several generations of important traditional Chinese ink painters. He presents the series in the form of small scale "albums", resembling the open pages of an elaborate sketchbook, and large paintings on canvas. There is a fascinating dialog between the two, which are inspired by the same subject matter although totally different in scale and impact.

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