Organized by the OCAT Shenzhen Museum, curated by renowned art historian and curator Wu Hung, the solo exhibition "Wang Dongling: Bamboo Grove" of artists supported by OCT Co., Ltd. officially opened on August 12,

On the afternoon of the opening day, curator and artist talked about "Bamboo Drive" as the topic during the dialogue conducted by Mr. Yan Shanyu. Mr. Wang Dongling talked about the origins of the idea of ​​writing bamboo poem on bamboo, the collision with the curator's thought, and the process of the final implementation of "bamboo path." Mr. Wu Hong thoroughly explores the similarities and differences between contemporary art and contemporary calligraphy and the concept of space in the exhibition. At the opening ceremony, Chairman of OCAT Council, Ms. Luan Qian, Director of OCAT Shenzhen Pavilion, Mr. Wu Hong, curator of the exhibition, Mr. Han Wangxi, Deputy Minister of Propaganda Department of Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee, and Mr. Wang Dongling, artist gave speeches and delivered speeches to guests attending the opening ceremony And many arts and culture, the media expressed their heartfelt thanks. After the speech, Mr. Wang Dongling stepped into the bamboo path, showing the audience bamboo writing.

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