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Angela Lyn - Artists - Chambers Fine Art

Angela Lyn was born in Windsor, England in 1955 to a Chinese father and an English mother. In 1968 her family emigrated to the USA. In 1972 she travelled to Taiwan to explore her Asian heritage, pursuing studies in Chinese and painting at Fu-Jen University. She then returned to England to study fine art at Southampton College of Art and Byam Shaw, now Central St Martins college of Arts and Design in London. She moved to Switzerland in 1978 and attended the Master Class in painting, led by Franz Fedier at the Kunstgewerbeschule, Basel. Since 1994 she lives and works in Ticino, southern Switzerland. Her dialogue with the surrounding nature has become a major reference in her work.

Lyn’s cultural diversity is core to who she is and the work she does. Combining her eastern and western heritage into a unique and engaging language as a painter, she strives to examine the universal, bringing the viewer into contemplation about the complexity of the world in which we live. Through careful observation, articulate composition and the attentive use of her medium, Lyn’s paintings resonate from within.

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