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1968Born in New York City, USA
1990B.A., Asian Language and Culture, University of Michigan
CurrentlyLives and works in New York City, USA
2020One of These Things Is Not Like the Others, Napa Valley Museum Yountville, Yountville, CA, USA
2019Needlepoint, Chambers Fine Art, New York, USA
Chambers Review II, Chambers Fine Art, New York, USA
Unhomed Belongings, National Museum of Singapore, Singapore
2013Totem, The Popular Institute, Manchester, UK
2011Seventy Two, Salon Vert, London, UK
2006Glass Onion, Milk Gallery, New York, USA
1995Catapult, Purple Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
1993Unraveling, Cast Iron Gallery, New York, USA
2021Union, Objective x Chambers Fine Art, Shanghai, China
2020Together in Distance: COVID-19 Relief Benefit Auction, New York, NY USA
2018X Marks the Spot: Women of the New York Studio, NYSS Gallery, New York, NY
2016Good Feng Shui, Arturo Bandini, Los Angeles, USA
Art + Culture Projects Pop Up, New York, USA
XXI Mantta Art Festival, Mantta, Finland 
2014The Last Brucennial, New York, USA
2010Passing China, Zadok Gallery, Miami, USA
2008je suis. Envois - moi, Galerie Six Friedrich Lisa Ungar, Munich, Germany
2006Antenna, Emotion Picture Gallery, Haliax, Canada


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