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Dilemma: Three Way Fork in the Road - Wang Jianwei - Catalogue / Shop - Chambers Fine Art

This catalog accompanies Wang Jianwei’s second solo exhibition at Chambers Fine Art NY in Oct 2007. The exhibition Dilemma: Three Way Fork in the Road, is a continuation Wang’s exploration of theatrical performances staged through photography and video. With references to the Peking Opera in the video and photos, two armed figures circle each other warily as, oblivious to their presence, actors in period uniforms and contemporary dress enter the theatrical arena. In increasing numbers they consume a variety of foods until they collapse in a heap. The catalog contains a foreword by Christophe Mao and essay by Anselm Franke. Text in English and Chinese.

128 pages, fully illustrated in color
Soft cover, Beijing 2007
ISBN 0-9787666-5-2


$40.00 + shipping

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