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Land of Serenity - Fu Xiaotong - Catalogue / Shop - Chambers Fine Art

This catalog was published to accompany the exhibition Fu Xiaotong: Land of Serenity and her new "Fierce Gale" series, presented at Art Basel | Hong Kong 2016. The subject matter that Fu Xiaotong generally favors – mountains, rocks, water – has a long history in Chinese visual culture although everything else about these dazzlingly white sheets of paper, many of them large in scale, is unconventional and unanticipated. “In the end,” she has written, “I chose handmade Xuan paper to be my primary medium and decided to use needles to pierce holes in the paper to form images.” Seen from close-up, the texture of her paper works resembles textiles or tapestries in the intricate interlocking of the multiple units of directional needle holes.

Edition of 800
52 pages, fully illustrated in color
Soft cover, Beijing, 2016

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