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Layers: - Recent Work by Xiaoze Xie - Catalogue / Shop - Chambers Fine Art

This catalog was published on the occasion of Layers at Chambers Fine Art, Beijing, the first major exhibition of Xiaoze Xie’s work in China since he moved to the United States in the early 1990s. Since early in his professional career, Xie has narrowed his investigation of the visual world to the depiction of printed matter - books, manuscripts and stacks of newspapers that refer only tangentially to historical and current events. In this case paintings of colorful stacks of recent newspapers contrast with piles of monochromatic piles of old Chinese manuscripts, a comment on th extraordinary transformation of Chinese society.

Edition of 600
54 pages, fully illustrated in color
Soft cover, Beijing, 2010
$20 + shipping

ISBN 978-0-9828864-0-3

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