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Steles – Huang Yi Project - Taca Sui - Catalogue / Shop - Chambers Fine Art

This catalog was published to accompany the exhibition Steles – Huang Yi Project. Taca Sui's latest body of work focuses on the stone steles that have played such a crucial role in the documentation of the history of China. In this case he was inspired by the late Qing dynasty imperial bureaucrat Huang Yi (1744 – 1802) who in his leisure time was also a dedicated amateur archaeologist, painter, poet and calligrapher. Like Huang Yi 200 years before him, Taca embarked on expeditions to locate traces of the past as preserved in steles but whereas Huang Yi could still identify, describe and catalogue actual examples, Taca had to be satisfied with inscriptions that are largely erased through the passage of time or exist only in fragmentary state.

Edition of 400
54 pages, fully illustrated in color
Soft cover, Beijing, 2016
$20 + shipping


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