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Chambers Staff Exhibition

Cheng Zhong, Chutian Shu, Jordan Tinker, Kiki Fu, Kyle Wong, Luowei Zhang, Padme Chen, Tongxi Yin


August 22 – 23, 2019

I Imagine They Meet, 2019

Chutian Shu(b.1995)

I Imagine They Meet, 2019

Material: two-channel video, color, sound 

Size variable 

To view the work

Changsha 1, 2018

Chutian Shu(b.1995)

Changsha 1, 2018

Inkjet print on archival paper 

27x19 inches

Help Yourself, 2017

Tongxi Yin (b.1993) 

Help Yourself, 2017

Mix Media 

6 in 

Once Upon A Balloon, 2017

Tongxi Yin (b.1993) 

Once Upon A Balloon, 2017

Prints (Edition 2/3)

22 x 22 in

I Have Everything Except You, 2018

Cheng Zhong (b.1996)

I Have Everything Except You, 2018


12 x 16 in (13 ½ x 17 ¼ in)

L.S.F., 2018

Cheng Zhong (b.1996)

L.S.F., 2018

12 x 16 in (13 ½ x 17 ¼ in)

Sunset #1

Larry Luowei Zhang (b.1995)

Sunset #1,日落 #1, 2019

Oil on canvas  

18x24 inch

Chambers Fine Art is pleased to announce the opening on August 22nd, 2019 of our inaugural Chambers Staff Exhibition. The exhibition is organized, presented by, and features artwork by Chambers’ staff, including artists Chutian Shu, Jordan Tinker, Tongxi Yin, Cheng Zhong and Luowei Zhang. We will present over 15 works by artists from New York, Beijing, and Changsha, and feature artworks that range across a wide range of media, from painting and installation to video art and photography. Chambers Staff Exhibitionis meant to highlight the diverse perspectives that inform and drive the indispensable members of the Chambers Fine Art team.

An opening reception will be held on the evening of Thursday, August 22, from 5 - 7 pm, and the exhibition will remain on view through Friday, August 23. 

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