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The exhibition Feng Shui: Furniture and the Five Elements features a selection of Chinese furniture arranged by Teresa Polanco to illustrate the principles of feng shui. There will be an opening reception on September 12th from 6 to 8pm and Ms. Polanco will deliver an evening lecture series throughout the remainder of the month.

Feng shui is a system of thought involving a range of activities from metaphysics and astrology to principles of design. Used to channel energy, ward off hostile forces, and improve health and career, feng shui has been a feature of life in China since ancient times. It has recently gained currency in the West, used in organizing individual homes and in the planning of major architectural projects such as the Trump International Tower at Columbus Circle.

Illustrating the practical application of feng shui in a contemporary context, Ms. Polanco will reorganize the gallery space at Chambers with particular emphasis on the use of Fire, Water, Earth, Wood, and Metal in enhancing specific areas of life and work. She will also explain the placement of scholar's objects and Ming and Qing furniture from the perspective of feng shui.

Founder of the Progressive Institute of Learning and the Feng Shui Alliance, Ms. Polanco has authored a number of magazine and newspaper articles as well as the "Feng Shui Journal."

前波画廊荣将于9月12日至10月19日举行《风水─家俱和五行》的展览。这次展览的家俱将由Teresa Polanco挑选并用来展示风水的要领。展览期间Polanco女士还将在前波画廊进行一系列有关风水的讲座。




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