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Participating Artists: Class of 2007, Experimental Art Department, Central Academy of Fine Arts


March 7 - May 2, 2009

Yuan Xiren è¢ç†™ä»» , Christmas Bun Shop åœ£è¯žåŒ…子铺
Zhi Nannan æ”¯æ¥ æ¥  , Friend’s Face åŒå­¦çš„脸
Leng Chunyi å†·æ˜¥æ¯…, Fish Every Year, Abundance Every Year å¹´å¹´æœ‰ä½™
Wang Su çŽ‹ç’› , Forgettable é—忘
Zhang Xiaomin å¼ å°æ• , Heaven å¤©å ‚
Song Bu’er æ¾å¸ƒå°” , Pelvis/Basin·Bone ç›†·éª¨
Guo Hui éƒ­è¾‰ , Tiger Skin è™Žçš®
Du Xiaojia æœæ™“ä½³ , Sweet Childhood ç”œèœœçš„童年
HyperFood, Installation view
HyperFood, Installation view
HyperFood, Installation view
HyperFood, Installation view

Chambers Fine Art Beijing is pleased to announce the opening of HyperFood, an exhibition curated by Class of 2007, Experimental Art Department at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing.

The mission of the Experimental Art Department is to experiment with the marginal space of art in order to break from academic boundaries, to broaden the concept of art, and to re-interpret classical ideas. The supermarket represents the everyday aspects of social life. It is a major location for consumption. It provides all kinds of goods for everyday life, and people expect to find fresh, safe and cheap goods there. 

This exhibition derives from an experimental collaboration between the Experimental Art Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts and Ito Yokado Supermarket in the Wangjing area in Beijing in 2008. With a focus on food, the students started to prepare at the end of October and presented their works at the supermarket before Christmas. The success of the exhibition also led to an interesting discussion on the relationship between art development and commercial space. The innovation of the experiment lies in the transformation of a public commercial space into an alternative space of contemporary art. On the one hand the project provided a novel shopping experience, and on the other explored the possibility of interaction between art and ordinary people.

The works exhibited at Chambers Fine Art Beijing are all from the 2008 show that took place in the supermarket. The young artists from the Class of 2007 collectively presented a report, in the form of drawing, photograph, sculpture, installation and so on. Their creations offered many new ideas on food through visual forms. We hope that through showing these creations as art in the environment of a gallery, the young artists will feel inspired again just as they were when presenting them at the supermarket.






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