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Chinese Furniture with Photographs by Sally Larsen


September 12 – November 10, 2001

Sally Larsen
Sally Larsen
Sally Larsen
Sally Larsen
Sally Larsen

Meditations: an exhibition of Chinese furniture and scholar objects of the Ming and Qing dynasties with the orotone photographs of Sally Larsen.

In Chinese society the scholar occupied an elevated position, different in kind from the respect accorded to their western counterparts. After years of arduous study and increasingly difficult examinations, the most talented became government officials, whether in the capital or the provinces. Those who failed frequently retired to the countryside where they became scholar hermits. In the highly refined environments they created, the emphasis was on creating an atmosphere in which true peace of mind might be most readily achieved. To facilitate their escape from the world and achieve inner peace, they pursued many activities, including meditation, calligraphy, composing poems and gardening.

This exhibition will recreate the mood of a scholar's environment. The desks, bookcases and incense stands that created an environment conducive to study and reverie will provide the setting for a selection of scholar objects, carefully selected implements and objects chosen for their usefulness and for their symbolism. A meditation chair served to elevate the aspirant a few inches above the floor and to support him in his intense devotions. Presiding over everything will be a Yuan to Ming dynasty gilt-bronze image of the Buddha seated in the position of royal-ease.

Sally Larsen has reinvigorated the difficult orotone technique. The golden glow of her photographs of Chinese gardens and martial artists creates an atmosphere conducive to the establishment of a meditative state. Sally Larsen sees culture flowing from the East in Meditations reflected in gardens, architecture and action. Undoubtedly, her Aleut/Apache roots are reaching into ancient memories. A life long appreciation of Asian aesthetics informs her photography, whether in China, Kyoto, California, or Canada, while twenty years of martial arts studies have given her an inside view of the culturally sustaining Chinese world community. Wide- ranging in her passions which span the expressive potential of digital tools to surfing and Tai chi, she has continued to refine her hand gold leafed orotones.

Dragon's Head in a Shanghai Garden, the gold itself suggesting the yellow dragon of fluency and writing, is a quintessential Chinese motif, as are the musicians in the Shanghai teahouse. Jumping a quarter of the way around the globe, Sally Larsen finds material master Xu Guo Ming in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. In these intriguing action shots of animal emulation, Larsen captures the action with her perfect timing of multiple, hand-held strobe flashes timed by her refined knowledge of Hsin-I, an ancient martial form. Buddha's View, the world through Buddha's eyes as he sat under the Bo Tree, speks again to her highly non-material perspective.

In this installation, the spiritual affinities between Chinese scholars of the late Ming and Qing periods and a leading contemporary photographer are readily apparent.

纽约前波画廊(Chambers Fine Art)于9月12日推出展览《冥思》。这次展览将展出中国明清家具,文人小件,以及美国艺术家Sally Larsen的手贴金箔玻璃照片。



Sally Larsen 精湛了费时费料的金箔玻璃照片技术,其制做过程是将化学感光材料涂在玻璃上,曝光后再用手工将23K金箔贴涂在有感光材料的玻璃面上。这次所展出的Larsen照片的主题为园林及武术,照片的金色基调烘托了冥思的气氛。对她而言,东方的园林、建筑和行为都是冥思这一心灵状态的写照。毫无疑问,作为美国印第安人的后裔,Larsen对古老的文化有着特殊的眷念。不论拍摄于何处,她的照片都表现出其一生对亚洲文化的欣赏与推崇。二十年的武术操练更使她以不可多得的“行内人”之眼光来观察和表现中国悠久的文化空间。她兴趣广泛,从先进的数字科技,到冲浪和太极拳,而这些不同的嗜好都给她提供了精湛的摄影技艺和创作的灵感。



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