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Ai Weiwei: Porcelain

Each stage of Ai Weiwei's porcelain journey is represented by the artist's iconic work at the show. The artist conveys his messages about today's world through traditional Chinese handicrafts; the art viewer provides a perspective on the paradoxes of our time.

The exhibition presents a comprehensive view of his art through a structure that has been constructed using the themes repeatedly seen in Ai Weiwei's work. The artist's work on the concepts of authenticity, the transformation of the values ​​systems of the ages and cultural history calls the audience to understand cultural, artistic and historical values.

Ai Weiwei questioned the concept of authenticity in replica studies, refuting the difference between the original object and the copy. In the light of the antiquities that have reached today, Ai Weiwei thinks about history by adapting the ritual of Chinese and Greek pottery and Egyptian wall paintings and offers us a comprehensive view of the contemporary world.

Ai Weiwei's SSM exhibition will host more than 100 art galleries, including the artist's oldest porcelain work, with a comprehensive selection in the porcelain field, and will provide a unique environment in which the audience will be able to explore the work of this original artist.

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