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Ai Weiwei: The Liberty of Doubt

Ai Weiwei’s new solo exhibition “The Liberty of Doubt” will be on view at the Kettle’s Yard where the artist's new and existing work will be shown alongside historic Chinese objects for the first time. 

Opening on 12 February 2022, the exhibition explores notions of truth, authenticity and value, as well as globalization, the coronavirus pandemic and the current geopolitical crises.  Ai Weiwei will reflect upon the liberty in the West, in contrast to China and other authoritarian regimes, to question truth and authority, express doubt and seek transparency in political matters.

The exhibition in the galleries is a single installation with 13 artworks by Ai Weiwei exhibited alongside 14 antiquities which the artist acquired at an auction in Cambridge back in 2020. A number of recent films made by the artist will also be screened on each day of the exhibition’s run – Coronation (2020), Cockroach (2020), and Human Flow (2017) – while two Fairytale Chairs (2007) will be placed in the Kettle’s Yard House for visitors to use.


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