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Between Heaven and Heart: Wang Dongling's Calligraphy

Wang Dongling’s landmark solo exhibition Between Heaven and Heart: Wang Dongling’s Calligraphy will be on view at the Imperial Ancestral Temple in Beijing from November 6 through November 14, 2016. The exhibition will feature an installation of monumental calligraphy in Wang’s groundbreaking Chaos Script on transparent acrylic plates and incorporate the historic Ancestral Temple’s space and architecture. The artist will give a live calligraphy performance during the opening, which will begin at 2pm on November 6.

The third Poetry Calligraphy Painting Annual Exhibition, Between Heaven and Heart is co-curated by Fan Di’an, Director of the National Museum of Art of China (NAMOC) and Xu Jiang, President of the China Academy of Art. It is jointly organized by the Central Academy of Fine Art, China Academy of Art, Chinese Calligraphers Association, the Hangzhou Federation of Literary and Art Circles.

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