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Collective Care: A House with Many Guests, featuring Pixy Liao and Taca Sui

Works by Pixy Liao and Taca Sui are on view in Collective Care: A House with Many Guests, a group exhibition at M Woods in Beijing.

The exhibition questions the role of the museum in 2020 by turning the space into a “house of art”. Dividing into separate autonomous spaces, the exhibition asks how museums might become more open spaces comprised of intersecting voices and fingerprints, while also looking into the concept of ‘care.’

Born in Shanghai, China, Pixy Liao received her MFA in photography from the University of Memphis in 2008. It was within this completely new and foreign environment that she met her boyfriend-turned-muse Moro – inspiring a body of work that she called ‘Experimental Relationship’.

Born in Tsingtao, China in 1984, Taca Sui currently divides his time between Beijing and New York. Since 2010 he has been working on a project inspired by the Book of Odes (Shi jing), the celebrated collection of poems which dates from the Bronze Age.

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