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Into Infinity and Beyond with Wu Jian'an, by Lara Chapman

Installation View
Of the Infinite Mind

Working across a range of mediums and techniques including watercolor, paper-cutting, collage, animal hides, installation, and painting, the artist creates an experience of sensory and intellectual richness and dualism in his works. Art historian, critic, curator and professor at the University of Chicago, Wu Hung describes Wu Jian’an’s approach as binary but also complex: “Individual and unity, ancient and modern, tradition and future, figuration and abstraction, two and three dimensions, words and images……Wu Jian’an’s imagination naturally merges, rather than fighting against or criticizing these concepts. In other words, he can link opposite concepts.”

To dive into infinity and the vast array of works in Of the Infinite Mind, TLmag caught up with artist Wu Jian’an.

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