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ON |OFF: China's Young Artists in Concept and Practice

Features CFA artists Guo Hongwei and Zhao Zhao.

Chinese artists born after 1975 have grown up, toggling between extremes, in a rising society and globalized culture. The title ON | OFF, which comes from the graphical interface of a common VPN software used to scale China’s Internet firewall, represents this binary condition at its simplest and most direct. Representing a striking diversity of practices and positions, this generation is the first to come of age in a post-Opening, post-Reform China, a group with instant access to information about artistic developments around the world and ample opportunities to travel abroad. Occupying all four exhibition spaces at the UCCA, ON | OFF is a large-scale group exhibition featuring the work of fifty young Chinese artists who together offer a collective portrait of this important generation. Co-curated by Bao Dong and Sun Dongdong. To be accompanied by two publications, a video documentary, and a series of public programs.

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