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Shang Yang, Zhao Zhao: And Now. The second decade of The White Rabbit Collection

Works by Shang Yang and Zhao Zhao are on view in And Now, a group exhibition at White Rabbit Gallery in Australia.

And Now features works from the second decade of Judith Neilson’s White Rabbit Collection. Gone are the bold declarations and audacious iconoclasm that once characterised contemporary Chinese art. The artists in And Now represent the vanguard of global contemporary art, their works no longer merely reflect the transformation of China but, instead, echo an entire world in flux. Eco-anxiety, governmental crackdowns, digital imprisonment disguised as liberation – it’s a brave new world that we share.

Shang Yang's canvases dispense with misty horizons and winding rivers. 'Dong Qichang Project 38' features simplified dark mountain peaks juxtaposed with irregular cuboid shapes, alluding to human structures. Zhao Zhao has often used the image of breaking glass to explore his fascination with repeated, forceful, even violent efforts, and how they are often fruitless against organized political, social and/or economic resistance.

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