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Zheng Chongbin: I Look for the Sky

Zheng Chongbin’s I Look for the Sky exhibition at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco is on view from February 19, 2021, to October 18, 2021. It is curated by Abby Chen, the Senior Associate Curator and Head of Contemporary Art at the Museum.

Zheng’s site-specific installation investigates how ephemeral changes alter our perceptions of place through the use of light and transparency. “Experiencing the world as a cognitive journey”, he is constantly in dialogue with the world using the medium of art-making. 

The exhibition explores how the alternation of light can change the audience’s perception of architectural space. His installation comprises ink paintings, videos, and a room of translucent material that emphasizes the transformation of the body moving through space. It evokes the manipulation of our perception of presence and absence, light and shadow, solid and void. 


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