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Bordercrossing: Possibilities and Interactions

Yuz Museum presents “Bordercrossing: Possibilities and Interactions,” in partnership with Forbes China, LACMA, and Qatar Museums. This group exhibition seeks to examine the idea of Yuz Museum that “as we write today’s history, we are writing tomorrow’s” , as well as to investigate its concept of “Yuz Flow”. 

With the technological singularity looming, the wrestling between living and non-living things has quietly diffused in our lives. Thoughts are constantly materialized into flowing data and instant images. Bodies are activated between tabs and windows. The only certainty of today is that we are moving from “certainties” to “possibilities”. Among these “possibilities”, we transcend the physical body through technology and gain the dual vision of Janus, looking both forwards and backwards. Observations and responses to such trends are expressed in the aforementioned group exhibition at Yuz.

Artists born between the 1980s and 1990s will present their process of crossing the boundary between reality and imagination. This exhibition offers a panorama of expressions by the younger generation in the context of globalization. The artworks manifest an expansion across multiple dimensions such as themes, mediums, audiences; the trend of decentralized creation that focuses on human “commonality” and how contemporaneity shifts between the past and the future. Viewers will launch their personalized “fieldwork” involving notions of nature, ruins, artifacts, and digitization, and observe how human beings navigate the modern jungle through the means of art.

The exhibition includes works from Taca Sui, Zhao Zhao, and Wu Jian'an.