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Qingni Qinmin: The second chapter of "REAL PLAYER 56" - a performance project

QINGNI QINMIN is an immersive installation and performance conceived by artist Liu Qinmin, and marks the second chapter in an ongoing research-based work “REAL PLAYER 56.” The artist positions herself as a cultural contradiction, mixing autobiographical story-telling, choreographed movements, music, sculpture, and the allure of entertainment. The artist and five dancers will articulate personal takes on everyday cultural conflicts through Chinese folk dance, hip-hop choreography, Chinese ethnic costuming, global pop music, and handmade wearable objects. The project reinvestigates the idea of authenticity in any claim to “real culture,” and introduces unexpected hybrids from genres previously considered utterly unrelated. Creating REAL PLAYER 56 project has been a unique writing process for the artist. It is fictional, fragmented, improvisational, and funny as it is real. It lends a delirious new voice to those who always had to do so through mastering other “languages.”