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Voices - ONE ART Taipei

The inaugural academic-based curatorial art fair, “Voices,” is set to mark its grand opening at the cultural creative space “Nangang POPOP Taipei” from January 26–29, 2024, coinciding with the renowned hotel art fair, “ONE ART Taipei 2024.”

With all voices in unity, each expressing diverse facets of contemporary life, art inspires a more intuitive, aesthetic, and thought-provoking exploration of the diversity in our surroundings. However, art fairs and museum exhibitions often exist on two non-intersecting parallel lines. Constrained by past models in the art industry, the gap between the market and academia has directly led to art collecting and admiration, hindering resonance and the realization of their underlying potential.

As a result, through the planning of “Voices,” the ONE ART Taipei committee hopes to unveil the next chapter of the art scene in Taiwan. Spanning five exhibition halls and exterior spaces, the inaugural “Voices” goes beyond the constraints of dividers and is specially hosted at the culturally significant site “Nangang POPOP Taipei,” resonating with the space’s enduring spirit of craftsmanship, innovation, and exhibition. This exhibition project aims to offer galleries the opportunities to showcase large-scale installations, video art, and new media art.

The narrative of “Voices” starts with the theme “The Planetary Living,” reflecting on human’s reality and environmental issues. The second theme, “Intrapersonal and Interpersonal,” centers around the exploration of inner spirit and surroundings. Nick Dong’s installation work guides the audience back to their inner state, re-examining the human condition in response to technology through singing bowls and sound vibrations. 

The inaugural “Voices” adopts an invitation-only approach, with a total of nine participating local and overseas galleries, including Chambers Fine Art from New York, USA.