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1961Born in Beijing, China
1984Graduated from the Department of Oil Painting, Beijing, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
1986Studied at L’École National Supérieur des Beaux-Arts, Atelier of Technique of Painting, Paris
1988Received M.A. from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, Department of Studio Art, Pennsylvania
2016Lin Yan, Eslite Gallery, Teipei, Taiwan
2012Lin Yan: Beyond Xuan, Officina, Brussels
Lin Yan: Dispelling the Clouds, Tenri Culture Institute, New York
Lin Yan: Paperweight, Fou Gallery, New York
2013Lin Yan: Embracing Stillness, Sprint Flatiron Prow Art Space, New York
2012Lin Yan: Enshrouded, Cheryl McGinnis Gallery, New York
2009Lin Yan: Remaking, China Square, New York, February 5–28, 2009
2006Lin Yan: Echoes in the Moment, China 2000 Fine Art, New York
1996Lin Yan: To Beijing, Open House Exhibition, New York
1991Lin Yan: The Beginning, Twin Cranes Gallery, Seattle
1988Lin Yan: Tai Chi in Painting, Haas Gallery, Bloomsburg University, Pennsylvania
2015A Garden Window – Lin Yan & Wei Jia, Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery, Hong Kong, China
2014Double Vision: The Culture China Overseas Chinese Women’s Invitational Exhibition, He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen
China Twelfth National Art Exhibition - Mixed Media Paintings, Hebei Museum, Shijiazhuang
Modernity 3.0: Bridging East - West Art, New York University 80 Washington Square East Gallery, New York, NY
Tales of Two Cities: New York & Beijing, Bruce Museum, Greenwich, CT
Transcending Boundaries: Qin Feng, Wei Jia and Lin Yan, Amy Simon Fine Art, Westport
Start from Tradition: Lin Yan & Wei Jia, Cheryl McGinnis Gallery, New York, NY
2013New York Beijing, Here There, Yuan Art Museum, Beijing, China Memorial Hall, Taipei
20124th Taipei Contemporary Ink Painting Biennial, National Democracy Memorial Hall, Taipei
Art on Paper 2012 Biennial, Weatherspoon Art Museum, NC
Phoenix Singing –Traveling Exhibition of Contemporary Female Art, Tree Museum, Beijing
Vaulting Limits, Tenri Cultural Institute of New York, New York
2011Art on Paper, Gallery North, Long Island, New York, NY
Asian Variegations, Chelsea Art Museum, New York, NY
2011 Paper Art Biennial, National Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria 
Giving and Receiving: A Collaborative Exhibition of Contemporary Artists from China and the USA, CU Art Museum, University of Colorado, Denver
2010Echoes from the Past, Amy Simon Fine Art, Westport, CT
3rd Contemporary Ink Painting Biennial, Taipei National Museum of History, Taiwan 
Spring Equinox, Yuan Art Museum, Beijing, China
Intertwining Layers, Cheryl McGinnis Gallery, New York, NY
2009Living Ink, Gallery Korea, Korean Cultural Center, New York NY
Here & Now: Chinese Artists in New York Chapter 1, Museum of Chinese in America, New York, NY
Making It, Deutsche Bank 60 Wall St. Gallery, New York, NY
2008From Realism to Abstract : The 2nd exhibition of Chinese Abstraction, One Moon Contemporary, Beijing, China
Art Graduate Reunion Exhibition, Class of 1980, Studio III, Department of Oil Painting: Celebrating 90th anniversary of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Loft 3 Gallery, 798 district, Beijing, China
Shanghai MoCA Envisage II: Butterfly Dream, Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai, China
Cross Reference: 11 Artists from NY, Shuimu Art Space, Beijing, China
Then and Now: Chinese Art from 1710 to 2007, Lamont Gallery, Phillips Exeter Academy, Exeter, NH
Chinese Gardens for Living: Illusion into Reality, The Dresden State Art Collections, Germany
The Transforming Marks of Ink, The Dresden State Art Collections, Germany
Chinese Traditions Reconfigured, Amy Simon Fine Art, Westport, CT
Touched by Women’s Hands, Cheryl McGinnis Gallery, New York
2007Art Beijing, Presented by One Moon Contemporary, National Agricultural Exhibition Center, Beijing
3rd Chengdu Biennial, Chengdu Contemporary Art Museum, China
Responding & Corresponding, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China
In and Out, 2×13 Gallery, New York, NY
Language / Environment, Contemporary Museum of Art of Beijing, China
Qi Yun: International traveling exhibition of Chinese Abstract Art, Contemporary Art Terminal of He Xiangning Art Museum, Shen Zhen. Traveled to: Beijing Now Gallery, Beijing; Hanart TZ Gallery, Artist Commune, Hong Kong; China Square, New York, NY 
Translucent, Transparent, Transported, Cheryl McGinnis Gallery, New York, NY
2006Visible / Invisible, One Moon Contemporary, Beijing
Contemporary Chinese Visions, Amy Simon Gallery, Westport, CT
Curators’ Choice: China, Art, Complex Museum, Duxbury, MA
Transplant–Transculture, Wave Hill, Bronx, NY
Travelers Between Cultures–Xu Bing, Gu Wenda, Lin Yilin, Lin Yan and Zhang Hongtu, Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, NJ
Trans-Boundary Experiences, Spool MFG, Binghamton, NY
Brooklyn, Westport Arts Center, CT
New Chinese Occidentalism–Chinese Contemporary Art in NY, Ethan Cohen Fine Arts, New York, NY
2005Simplicity in Life, Crystal Foundation Gallery, New York, NY
Simplicity in Life 2, William Fellows Architects, New York, NY
2003Between the Lines, China 2000 Fine Art, New York, NY
The Paper Chase: Creations in Paper, China 2000 Fine Art, New York, NY
2002Yesterday and Other Stories, Plum Blossoms, New York, NY
Visual Dialogue, China 2000 Fine Art, New York NY
2000Art Span: Three Generations, Nine Artists in One Family, satellite show of Shanghai Biennial, Shanghai, 2002
1999Art China, Limn Gallery, San Francisco
Global Roots: Artists from China Working in New York, Purdue UniversityIN
Open Salvo, White Box Gallery, New York
1998Three Generations of Chinese Modernism – Qiu Ti, Pang Tao, Lin Yan, Soho 20 Gallery, New York. Traveled to: National Art Museum of China, Beijing; Art Beatus Gallery, Vancouver, CAN
1995Recent Paintings by Chinese-American Artists, The Cork Gallery, Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center, NY
NY SoHo Biennial ’95, 450 Broadway, New York, NY
Man Woman Child/ Husband Wife Son, Gallery Contempo-Jubilee Arts Center, New York, NY
1994Qi, Gallery of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
1991Second Spring: Contemporary Chinese Painting & Sculpture, University of San Diego, San Diego, CA; San Diego State University, San Diego, CA
1990Pang Family Painting Exhibition, Lung Men Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan Arts and Music, Tokyo
1987From Central Academy of Fine Arts, Museum of Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music, Tokyo
1985National Youth Art Exhibition, National Art Museum of China, Beijing
1984Beijing City Art Exhibition, National Art Museum of China, Beijing
19791st Annual Exhibition of China Oil Painting, Association Zhongshan Park, Beijing
Chengdu Contemporary Art Museum, Chengdu, China
Deutsche Bank Art Corporate Citizenship – Art, New York
Museum of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
Long Museum, Shanghai
National Art Museum of China, Beijing
Pang Xunqin Museu, Changshu, China