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Post New Photo:Installation view
Post New Photo:Installation view
Post New Photo:Installation view
Post New Photo:Installation view
Rong Rong 荣荣 EastVillage, Beijing 1994.No.2 (1234) (#1 shown) 荣荣东村1994.No.2 (1234)
Zhao Liang 赵亮, Beijing Green No.5 北京绿地之五
Yan Lei 颜磊 Franch Plate 法国盘子
Zhuang Hui 庄辉 Yu Xi Tobacco Factory, May 22 (#5) 5月22日玉溪烟厂(5)

Chambers Fine Art Beijing is pleased to announce Post New Photo, a group exhibition of photographic work from some of China’s pioneering artists working in lens-based media. The show draws together their early independently produced photographic work alongside more recent and current works.

The exhibition is divided into two sections. The East Gallery presents works from the early 1990’s from Rong Rong’s East Village. These pieces have undeniably become among the defining images of the generation. When Chambers New York exhibited this work in 2003 the decision was taken not to show the works that featured the other Chambers’ long time collaborator Zhang Huan. In 2010, the reasons for this omission are happily no longer relevant and Chambers is delighted to focus in this section of the show uniquely on Rong Rong’s extraordinary works featuring the hypnotic Zhang Huan.

Against this historical background the West Gallery features recent works of firmly established artists who first developed their practice in that formative period including: Hong Lei; Jiang Zhi; Yan Lei; Qiu Zhijie; Zhao Liang; Zheng Guogu; and Zhuang Hui. In this way Post New Photo seeks to revisit some of the key moments in the recent history of photography in China while demonstrating how some of the most important artists of that time have gone on to develop their work in the international arena.

The link between Rong Rong’s early pieces and the later works lies in the show title – a homage to the rare New Photo magazine produced between 1996 and 1998. Photocopied like a fanzine, New Photo became the seminal underground photographic publication of its time. All of the artists presented by Chambers in this exhibition appeared in the pages of New Photo magazine over 15 years ago.

Almost a decade after the final issue of New Photo was circulated in Beijing, a limited edition re-print was published with the addition of artists’ interviews and critical texts. A special presentation of this highly collectible facsimile forms part of the exhibition.

Post New Photo is part of the Caochangdi Photo Spring program launched and coordinated by Three Shadows Photography Art Centre.



在此历史背景下,画廊西厅将展出一些成熟艺术家的近作,包括:洪磊、蒋志、颜磊、邱志杰、赵亮、郑国谷、庄辉, 他们基本从同一时期开始创作并形成自己的风格。由此,《后新摄影》将重温中国摄影史近期的一些关键时刻,并阐述当时那些重要的艺术家是如何在国际舞台上进一步表现他们的创作能力。