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The Way of Chopsticks , Installation view

The Way of Chopsticks 

Installation view

The Way of Chopsticks , Installation view

The Way of Chopsticks 

Installation view

Chambers Fine Art is pleased to announce the opening of The Way of Chopsticks, a collaborative exhibition by prominent experimental artists, Song Dong and Yin Xiuzhen. This exhibition is a continuation and variation on the theme of Chopsticks explored in their first exhibition at Chambers Fine Art, in which the artists united to explore philosophical and sociological ideas embodied in a mundane object.

In this exhibition, the artists transcend their original chopstick ideologies to reveal more powerful, spiritual relationships. The Way of Chopsticks elicits an entirely new philosophy of creation. Song Dong and Yin Xiuzhen drive the idea of collaborative work to a new level where trust becomes invaluable. In one project, they individually create an 8-meter long chopstick without revealing or discussing aesthetics or process with each other. The pairing of the chopsticks is unveiled at the exhibition. Other ideas presented in this highly anticipated exhibition are realized through video, paintings, and installations.

Their first Chopstick exhibition in 2002 was the celebration of their ten year anniversary as a married couple and the first joint project between the two independently successful artists. They transformed the gallery into a ritual space presenting chopsticks as simple everyday objects and as a metaphor for the personal bonds that unite them. Their theme focused on eating, drinking, playing, and happiness. On a metaphysical level, the duality of chopsticks parallels their inseparable nature.

After graduating from the Fine Arts Department of Capital Normal University of Beijing in 1989, Song Dong and Yin Xiuzhen rejected their academic training in painting to investigate experimental art forms such as performance and video. Both artists achieved international fame independently before deciding to work together, confronting social issues through intense gestures and actions that have deep personal meaning.

Together, Song Dong and Yin Xiuzhen present The Way of Chopsticks as a means of creating a new visual identity as a team. Their refusal to adhere to a singular style or formula allows them to explore a wide range of conceptual ideas, together and independently. This exhibition is a further exploration of their highly distinctive individual approach to the making of objects as well as a moving expression of their interdependence.


这次展览中,两位艺术家将超越最初对“筷子"的理解和阐释,以揭示其更深刻,更感性的意义。同时,《筷道》展览也将表现一种全新的创作观念和哲学。宋冬和 尹秀珍将艺术家间的合作概念推向一个全新的层面,即艺术家之间的互相信任是最重要,最宝贵的因素。在一件将要展出的作品中,他们各自创作一支长达8米的筷 子,却不告诉对方任何关于各自筷子的外观或制做过程。只有到展览开幕的那一刻,两支筷子才会被合在一起,组成一双。这次众人翘首以待的展览还包括录影,绘 画和装置等其他媒体的作品。所有的作品都将使用他们创造的合作方式“筷道" ,即在同一形式下制作各自的作品而互相保密,独立。最后将之一起并置,形式不可分割的一件作品。 2002年举办的第一次《筷子》展览是这两位独立创作的艺术家的第一次合作,也是为了庆祝他们结婚十周年而举办的特?展览。展出的作品以“吃喝玩乐"为主题,而“筷子"不仅是这些日常行为活动中的必备工具,更象徵了夫妻间密不可分,缺一不可的亲切关系。