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旋转之门: ISCP<_>Asia

策划人:Yasufumi Nakamori



Revolving Door, Installation view

Revolving Door

Installation view

Revolving Door, Installation view

Revolving Door

Installation view

Chambers Fine Art presented Revolving Door: ISCP <-> Asia, in conjunction with the International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP), an international visual arts residency program, located in Midtown Manhattan. Established in 1994, ISCP hosts emerging artists and curators from abroad, who are sponsored into the program by government agencies, cultural institutions, foundations, corporations or private patrons. Prior to tenure at ISCP, the work of most participants is underexposed in the US and the duration of an artist’s program can range from three to twelve months, depending on funding. ISCP emphasizes career advancement and implements an effective programming strategy, which fosters genuine interaction with the host culture and leads to widespread dissemination of the participants’ art in the US.

Revolving Door: ISCP <-> Asia, has been conceived as a multi-media exhibition, which includes painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, new-media installation, and a video program. This exhibition will include twenty-two current and former ISCP artists-in-residence, two of whom are currently featured in the Whitney Museum’s The American Effect exhibition: Makoto Aida (painting) and Bjørn Melhus (video).

This exhibition at Chambers Fine Art explores the “revolving door” experience of the artists who participate in this radically international New York City-based residency program and the possibilities that the door opens for thinking and creating across cultural space and time. The work in the exhibition will investigate subject matters ranging from cityscape, body and identity, to politics and ideology. Revolving Door focuses in particular on how resident artists from Asia work and create in this dynamic environment and how some of the non-Asian residents are influenced and inspired while working along-side artists from Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. Bringing together both Asian and non-Asians, the exhibition attempts to visualize ISCP as a “global” intersection where collaboration and mutual understanding are highly valued.

Yasufumi Nakamori is a New York City-based independent curator and practicing lawyer. Until January 2003, he was a curatorial assistant at the Whitney Museum of American Art, where he assisted in the production of the Contemporary Series and The Quilts of Gee’s Bend exhibitions as well as conducting extensive research for the recently opened landmark exhibition, The American Effect.

前波画廊与国际艺术工作室(International Studio & Curatorial Program,ISCP) 联合举办了展览《旋转之门》。ISCP坐落在曼哈顿中部,于1994年成立,主要以国际视觉艺术为主旨,邀请新崛起的国外艺术家与策划人,由政府文化机构,基金会,公司或者私人赞助为主。在ISCP拥有占有权的前提下,成为ISCP成员之前,许多艺术家的作品没有机会在美国曝光。加入成员后艺术家的编排,根据资金的数量可以有三到十二个月的持续期。ISCP强调文化的促进和对制定计划有效的策略,从而促进主办文化国和来自四面八方参与者最真诚的合作。

《旋转之门》 是以多媒体形式为主的一次展览,其中包括油画,素描,摄影,雕塑,影像新媒体及装饰艺术。此次展览邀请二十二位艺术家,均属ISCP驻村, 其中Makoto Aida的油画与Bjorn Melhus的录影目前在惠特尼博物馆展出。

此次前波画廊展出的《旋转之门》 主要是探讨在美国驻村的艺术家,聚集在纽约这个大都会,经由不同文化及环境背景的冲击,创作观念并相互交流影响,借由不同创作形式呈现出来。内容包括是景观,身体,认同,以及政治,意识形态等。 这次展览特别侧重在ISCPd驻村的亚洲艺人(比如日本, 韩国,台湾)在这个多元化的环境进行创作的过程与对在驻村非亚洲艺人的影响。此次展览可说是林林总总, 包罗万象,富有多元性及国际性。

Yasufumi Nakamori是以纽约为基地的独立策展人和律师。直到2003年1月,他在美国惠特尼博物馆从事策划助理,协助了《当代系列》与《The Quilts of Gee's Bend》展览的策划工作。