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AsianLens presents: "August 2002 Photo Exhibit," an exhibition of photographs by twelve emerging and established Asian American artists to be held at Chelsea's Chambers Fine Art. It is the first exhibit in New York City history that is solely devoted to contemporary Asian American photographers.

The August 2002 Photo Exhibit was organized in response to the need to show the work of Asian American photographers. Asian American photographers' work is distinct from that of Asian artists living in Asia, whose current works with high shock value have been largely attributed to the explosive venting of years of suppression. First-, second-, third-generation Asian American photographers are touched by a different set of issues and concerns that explore multiculturism, immigration, displacement, identity, and ethnic self-consciousness.

The exhibition emphasizes the similarities and differences among artists from vastly different backgrounds who are nonetheless collectively identified as Asian American. Artists included are: Andrew Bui, Walter Q. Chin, Nancy Choe, Iwao Hosoda, Min Jung Kwak, Corky Lee, Winnie Lee, Hidemi Sato, Benjamin Sloat & Steven Aishman collaboration, Noelle Tan, and Rosey Truong.

The show is jurored by Hitomi Iwasaki, Associate Curator at Queens Museum of Art, who reviewed over 500 pieces from over 40 Asian American photographers from across the U.S. While the artists range in genres, techniques and experience, these artists are connected through a visual language of photography. Works span from traditional to digital processes, black and white to color, abstract to realism. The exhibit embodies the diversity of experiences found in the Asian American community that is expressed through each individual artist's imagery.

Among the twelve artists in the exhibit (including a collaboration duo), highlights include images by photojournalist, Corky Lee, who is known for documenting the day-to-day life of Asian Americans for over 25 years. His work in this exhibit is part of his "9/11 Series."

Other highlights include starkly dark, nocturnal landscapes by Noelle Tan which are contrasted to Hidemi Sato's bright, colorful photos of New York City. Andrew Bui's work addresses sexual repression and transgender issues, while Benjamin Sloat & Steven Aishman's work addresses the growing "1/2 Asian," mixed race population.

What is important to the show is that these very different works were created in the same Asian American community and are being exhibited side-by-side. Such juxtapositions are what give "AsianLens August 2002 Photo Exhibit" its energy. Whatever the content of the individual artists' works, together they suggest that the Asian American community is a dynamic and contrasting one filled with synergy and tension, unity and clashes.



这次参展的艺术家尽管总体的被类为亚裔,但却来自不同背景并强调其之间的相似与差别。艺术家包括:Andrew Bui, Walter Q. Chin, Nancy Choe, Iwao Hosoda, Min Jung Kwak, Corky Lee, Winnie Lee, Hidemi Sato, Benjamin Sloat & Steven Aishman collaboration, Noelle Tan, and Rosey Truong.

这次展览由皇后区艺术博物馆的馆长助理Hitomi Iwasaki策划,他复审了来自美国四十位不同的文艺类型,技巧与富有经验的亚裔摄影家,共五百多份作品,这些艺术家与摄影的视觉语言相互联系。作品从传统到数码加工,黑白到彩色,抽象到现实。这次展览从艺术家的个人体现了亚裔整体的多元化。

在十二位艺术家的展览中,最出众的要数新闻摄影记者Corky Lee的作品, 他作为亚裔,以记录日常生活长达二十五年之久而着名。这次展览包括他拍摄关于9/11的一系列的作品。

其他出色的作品包括Noelle Tan黑暗的夜间风景与Hidemi Sato色彩明亮的纽约市图片相呼应,Andrew Bui的作品针对性别抑制与变性人为题材,Benjamin Sloat & Steven Aishman以种族混和“1/2亚洲”为主题。